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Product: Spot UV Business Cards
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Product Description

Make Your Text, Logos, Graphics or Images Pop Off The Card

Spot UV creates a look and feel thats different from the ordinary. Uthara Print-Australia adds raised, the clear polymer to make your text, logo and visuals stand out with a three-dimensional, high-gloss shine. Stand up to the competition with a card that stands out and speaks to customers! Enjoy high impact at low cost to bring attention to your business.

Design cards that Impress and Express

And how do you do that? At a teeny extra cost, add Spot UV to create dramatic contrast, highlights, and dimension from other parts of the design. Make your text, logos, graphics or images pop off the card.

A spot UV feel on a business card punches above its weight.

Tips For Spot UV Business Cards
-Use spot UV to highlight a design element you want to emphasize. What's the one thing you want people to notice first? Consider adding gloss there.
- Spot UV is most effective with big, bold text (10 pt. font or larger) or shapes - It makes it easier to notice and appreciate the raised finish and shine.
- Avoid thin lines, light fonts and designs with a lot of fine detail - you won't get a strong effect.

Dont Have Any Experience Designing Business Cards?

No problem. We have a dedicated design studio, a team of highly skilled creative people waiting for your brief. Our designers are eager to make your cards come to life. Proofs will be sent to you before the final approved file goes to print. So sit back and relax and let us go to print. Or, just upload your own finished design and we'll print it for you. Thats it. You name it, we got it.
No Design Templates?

Unfortunately, we don't provide online design templates as we feel your business image should be unique and you should have the look and feel that no other competition of yours has. Therefore, we only provide customised design and printing that represents your brand image.
What's More?

Yes, you heard that right! Just let us know where, and we'll be there. On Time.

HelpLine Support:

Call: 388 205 295

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