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Product Description

Outdoor promotion with Beach Flags- Get your message out

Want to stand out at an outdoor event, on the street or the beach? Then you need eye-catching beach flags. At Utharaprint, your beach flags are printed on durable, weather-resistant material, so they remain in perfect condition, no matter the weather type. The beach flags are printed on one side, but are 95% translucent (and therefore visible on the non-printed side as well).

You can choose from different formats & sizes according to your requirement. We provide both ways whether Flag only or Flag with Pole & carry bag with the various option of flag base described below here.

Metal Ground Spike: A sturdy base whose favourite use is at shows and festivals. By the very nature of the ground spike being driven pushed into grass or soft ground, it provides a very stable platform for displaying your flag.

Plastic Screw Base: A great base for temporary use in soft ground, sand or even snow. Perfect if you're planning on displaying your flag at a beach during the summer, or on the piste in the winter. (Total screw length 50cm)

Metal Cross Base: This highly portable base can be used on most surfaces both indoors and outdoors. At the end of the day, simply carry this lightweight metal base with you to your next event!

Parasol Base: These Parasol Bases are great for use on most surfaces & are fast becoming a popular choice due to their ease of use, simplistic setup & ability to increase the weight by filling it with sand or water.

Watertank + rotator: Using your flag outside? We recommend the rotating parasol base for extra visibility. A popular choice due to their ease of use, simplistic setup & ability to increase the weight by filling it with sand or water.

At utharaprint, you can upload your beach flag designs at any time! Complete your order today and we'll let you know how to submit your files. We even check them for you for free!! Still, have questions? Contact one of our experts for more info. For further information and Customized order, you can write to

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