A BOOKLET works as a very important means of communication when you wish to promote your business through marketing tools like leaflets and flyers and the information that you wish to convey by these tools is in abundance and could not be fit in a single pamphlet, then a booklet can do the trick for your business as it has more than one page, thus can store all kinds of information in it. Booklet, as the name suggests, comes from the word ''Book'' which means a collection of pages, so we can say that a booklet is a collection of flyers and pamphlets, generally they are smaller than a book, this works really well if you wish to add information to your marketing materials which will constitute for more than one single flyer or pamphlet. A Booklet also saves up a lot of time and money, because instead of printing one flyer at a time for each part of the information it is better to just print a booklet at once, so as to accumulate all the information at once which is beneficial for your business in both monetary as well as time sense.
A4 with several pages is the most common size of the booklet used, now a days even the square size with dimensions 210mm x 210mm is getting more and more popular. Brochures are produced in sets of 4 pages, thus they are typically seen in 12,16,20,24 pages and so on. Therefore, if you wish to add just one page to your booklet than you can't do so, as pages are to be inserted as a set of 4 every time.



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