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Product: A2 Posters (594cm x 420cm)
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Want to make a statement in the market with your promotional techniques? Then these A2 posters should be the preferred choice, as they can help you stand out from the competition. Regardless of whether you are searching for a poster to promote your upcoming occasion, themed night or just looking for some lovely fine art for your shop walls, these A2 posters are the answer for you. These A2 posters can easily entice the public and can help you gain more business, thus these posters are very important nowadays.
Another important advantage of these posters is that they are one of the most cost-effective and efficient poster types, and are within the scope and budget of most of the business organisations. These A2 posters have a very wide range and can be brought into use by almost all the organisations whether small scale or large scale, also these posters are very portable and can be displayed even at the smallest of the place. These posters are very common in stores and all kinds of trade shows as they can be easily displayed on any wall and start to give out all kinds of information.
At Uthara Print Australia, the size of the A2 posters printed is (594 cm x 420 cm) and are printed on premium quality 200gsm poster paper or 250 micron Polypropylene paper stock to get the best results, also we can print them on a single side or both the sides as well as per your choice.

AT Uthara Print Australia, we have a group of devoted, innovative designers who in our state-of-the-art-studio will do wonders with your prints. They can get your imagination printed out for you in a way you could not even imagine.

Our standard delivery takes 5 to 6 working days, we can also do 3 to 5 working day delivery for an additional cost. We could also provide same-day express delivery with premium costs. Please consult us before you order for same-day delivery.

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