Expo Display Wall

A decent expo display wall is very important to exhibit what your business brings to the table, and furthermore catch the eye of the other show attendees, imminent clients, and customers. Without an amazing and off the chain expo display, you will botch many a chance to gain new customers and increase your business furthermore. Without an expo display wall, you're at a disadvantage against your competitors, since ''it's very rare for a company to contract for exhibit space and not bring a display.''

Benefits of the Expo Display wall:
1. Easy access- When compared to any other form of display that a company or any organisation takes with them to an expo or trade show, these display walls are by far the easiest to manoeuvre because of them being so light weighted and easy to setup.
2. Custom design- whenever you are going to a trade show or exhibition you would want your literature to shout about what you are, what is your business about and other details, all these can be taken care by an expo display wall, since it has a huge surface area you can put all your information into it and let the crowd know what you are all about.

At Uthara Print Australia, we believe expo display wall is a very important part of your promotional strategy if you are looking to market your brand and business at a trade show as a display wall can help you stand out from your competitor,s which can lead to successful client relations in the future. At Uthara Print we produce portable slimline expo display wall because we think it is the best and most versatile type of display wall as it can hold a huge range of information at once, specifications of portable slimline expo display from Uthara Print are:
- Frame size- 2280mm x 1448mm
- Frame size- 2000mm x 2000mm
- Graphic size- 2300mm x 1500mm
- Full colour printed fabric skin

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