A6 Leaflets (105 x 148mm)


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Product: A6 Leaflets (105 x 148mm)
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A6 leaflets

Order online here at Uthara Print, Premium quality A6 leaflets and flyers from Australia's leaflet printing specialists.

A6 leaflet measures exactly 105 mm x 148 mm. The matching envelope size is C6 (114mm x 162mm).

Design and print high quality A6 flyers and leaflets for all your business or personal occasions. We have built a reputation to beat anyone on price, quality and customer service. Uthara print delivers high Quality print products using a wide range of paper and finishing options! Print small quantities or larger runs, we are equipped to do any quantities. Small But Effective Advertising, A6 leaflet is the smallest size of flyer available at Uthara Print. Smaller in size doesn't mean your leaflet can't make an impact. These cheap A6 leaflets are ideal for image only promotional material and are very cost-effective. So, if you can compact your message into a nice picture with few short words, an A6 leaflet could be the ideal solution as it gives more for the money.

An A6 flyer printing can be printed single or double-sided, depending upon the amount of information you wish to include on it. At Uthara Print, we use a full colour CMYK process, we have a state-of-the-art printing presses for all leaflets printing, and for quality that really shows, our paper stock starts from 130gsm gloss/silk paper, 150gsm, 170gsm, 200gsm and flyer card stock starts from 250gsm onwards. In terms of size an A6 leaflet printing, is a last and small that is used for promotion. In addition to that it only includes limited information. So one should be very much particular about the contents like image, text, words to be used has an impact. Because of the limited space in an A6 leaflet, the images and words should act like a weapon through which you can attract your target customers. So do not congest with too much information and use of less, but strong words are very necessary for an A6 leaflet printing.

If you are a start-up business or if you are thinking of a campaign with smaller budget, then A6 leaflets printing plays a prominent role in cost saving and direct marketing campaigns. If you want your business to take off with constrained budget, then you should definitely consider investing in some A6 leaflets. Right from new openings of restaurants and hotels to shop openings, cheap A6 flyers are worth an investment. A6 flyer printing is considered to be one of the most successful methods of boosting your company's marketing campaign with a decent impact.

Uthara Print has a state of the art design studio and if you have your message ready for A6 leaflet printing, or need some help getting it right, our graphic designers are more than happy to assist you. We are also tied up with distribution companies and even provide leaflet distribution services for leaflets or flyers. Start your order now, it's easy to order A6 leaflets over here on our website at Uthara Print.

- Supplied at the correct trim size (mm)
- With 3mm bleed on each edge
- Supplied in CMYK (or PMS colours)
- Image based artwork 300dpi
- Text based artwork 600dpi
- Design elements kept within 3mm margin
- Single page scrolling PDF (not spreads or paginated)
- Simply set up your file at the correct trim size (mm) with 3mm bleed and a 3mm margin.
- Keep text and design elements you donít want cut off within the 3mm margin. This is to help avoid disappointment with the 1-2mm variance with the guillotine when cutting your order down to size.

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