Why printing letterheads is so important?
A letterhead is your representative in the market as it shows what you are all about and how different, how innovative you are. A letterhead is highly considered as one of the most formal ways of communicating, thus is considered to be of utmost importance. A letterhead also works as a great marketing tool because every time someone receives it from you they can see your name and logo, also people will recognize you like a more authoritative presence because you are continuously trying to promote your brand in every way possible. A letterhead with slick design and a custom touch to it, this can be very profitable to you in the long run, because people will recognize you like a big company with extensive infrastructure, also try not to overdo your letterhead, even though you can add as many colors as you still try to keep simple so that it beholds to the eyes of the people. Even though people think that in the era of email who still uses letterheads? But it is not so, a letterhead still holds its value in the business world because most of the people still believe in those old proven methods to work and one of them is a letterhead thus it creates that nostalgic value with some of your clients and can help your business grow even more. At Uthara Print our standard letterheads are printed on a high white 120gsm business bond which has a feeling of character. We also strongly believe that printing on 120gsm is far superior to the 100gsm still used by many printers. We also print on the Conqueror and Strathmore range of papers. We intend to ensure that our clients receive the best service possible so that they will always look for us to help them in their printing needs.