Magazine Printing

So you've got an idea for printing your magazine and you are anxious to get started! Before you get too much into innovative thoughts of working the articles and creating the fine art, it is important that you consider the printing phase of your magazine, as it holds the same importance as the artistry period.
Even though printing your magazine is the last step in bringing life to your concept, it is still important that you must gain much knowledge about the printing process, as early as possible because you don't want to be blindsided by any kind of unanticipated surprise or expense when you are about to print. It doesn't matter if you want to print your magazine in a daily, weekly, monthly or maybe in a quarterly period, your goal would be to achieve the newsstand or corporate quality. You need to keep in mind the following things to achieve the magazine you aspire:

Binding style- AT finishing, Saddle stitch method is the most common way for binding your magazine if the total page count is relatively low. In this method the sheets are held together by wire staples, then the staples are driven through the crease present at the magazine's spine to secure the pages into a unit, not only this method is reliable but also easy on your pocket.

Dimensions- The dimensions here, refers to the height and width of your magazine as it a very important factor to keep in mind, because it can have a direct impact on the quality and prices of your printing. Even though you can print your magazine in any shape or size you need to remember that a custom work has an extra cost attached to it. Therefore, if you are on a budget and want to control your expenses, then you should go with the standard sizes as offered by your printer.

Quantity- Here the quantity refers to the number of copies that you are going to print of your magazine. It is suggested that if you are a newbie in the magazine printing world, then you should go for a minimum quantity first so that you would not overspend and if the response is good then you can go for a higher quantity in the future.


We at Uthara print Australia, believe that Magazine printing is still one of the most important parts of print media thus we try to give greater emphasis to it which sets us apart from any of our competitors. Here at Uthara Print Australia, we use the most cost-effective and time-efficient printing process, that is the offset lithography, which gives you the best results possible through its three step process namely plate making, wetting, and inking. At Uthara Print we give you a choice between three types of paper for printing your magazine those are:
- Cover 210gsm Gloss Artboard, Inner pages 100gsm Laserbond
- Cover 210gsm Gloss Artboard, Inner pages 128gsm Gloss Stock
- Cover 250gsm Gloss Artboard, Inner pages 150gsm Gloss Stock
All these pages ensure that the magazine that we will print for you will be of utmost quality, also you can choose between the number of pages you want to be inserted in your magazine, either 44pp, 48pp or 52pp.



At Uthara Print Australia, we have a group of devoted, innovative designers who in our state of the art design studio can do wonders with your printing. They can get your creative mind printed and give your business that particular look. They will help you in the entire process of printing right from receiving the order until it is conveyed to you.




We at Uthara Print Australia, have a very friendly and easy to deal staff over the phone or online through our website and they will help you through your whole printing process. Also, our website is very easy to use and fairly accessible and it takes just three steps to place an order and we have all the safety net for a very secure payment process.
Our standard delivery takes 5 to 6 working days, we can also do 3 to 5 working day delivery for an additional cost. We could also provide same-day express delivery with premium costs. Please consult us before you order for same-day delivery.