A5 Postcards (148mm X 210mm)


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Product: A5 Postcards (148mm X 210mm)
Quantity: 15000
Delievered in: 250 Express Delivery

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Product Description

Traditional printing is still hot, believe it or not. Although this is the age of digital marketing and social media, advancements in digital technologies are helping change not only the marketing industry but also helping us develop newer and better printing processes. But the personal touch of traditional communications remains strong. Traditional communication methods cannot be replaced. Try a handwritten note and watch hearts melt!

Here at Uthara Print, we understand the value of all brand communications. Our A5 postcards remain ever so popular. Getting you your maximum bang for your buck, these clever little products are a worthwhile investment because they make a huge impact with a little spend. This A5 size is just right for leaving an impression with your graphic design, brand photography or your artwork leaving enough space on the reverse to write your own personal note for that very important personal touch.

Store these multipurpose cuties and use as new introductions, seasonal greetings, staff congratulations, event invitations, special gift notes or just anytime you want to pass on a personalised message that can be kept, or displayed, with pride. In this constantly-buzzing online world of social media, Insta, emails and online marketing, the personal touch is so appreciated by grateful recipients.

A5 postcards are also a great size mailing out, fitting inside most small envelopes whether flat or crease finished, depending on your design. They come in a wide range of materials to suit your corporate brand tone, intended use and recipients.

We understand everyone has different needs, objectives, and budgets. We ensure we match each of that category so that you get maximum value for your money.

Talk to us. We will be more than happy to handhold and guide if need be.

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Email: sales@utharaprint.com.au
Call: 1300 980 638

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