DL Postcards (99mmX210mm)


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Product: DL Postcards (99mmX210mm)
Quantity: 250
Delievered in: 250 Express Delivery

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Product Description

Want something that looks cool and works hard for you as a cost-effective tool in your brand marketing kit box?

Try 1/3 A4 postcards. Their cute size means they can easily be handed to people, delivered through mailboxes or carried in bulk to events or promotions. They can also be left in piles for passersby at tourist destinations, cashier desks, or cleverly hidden in spots like DJ booths and phone boxes!

This compact little pocket rocket is easy for recipients to take with them without an additional burden, store in handbags or backpacks, and back pockets for later. Stick them to the fridge with a magnet, pass them on easily, pin to noticeboards and other public places.

And voila! Before you know it, your important message could be seen everywhere by the right people.

Even the smallest charity group or tight entrepreneur budget can afford 1/3 A4 postcards. A compact design and succinct, to the point message will grab attention while the costs will stay within reach.

Use them for traditional travel postcards, event invites, discount promotions, programme listings, loyalty card schemes and anything else you can dream of.

At Uthara Print, including 400gsm Silk and 350gsm bond, we produce our trade 1/3 A4 postcards printing in a range of the most commonly used materials. Go for a flat or crease and flat finish and the quantity bundle that best suits your project and your projected costs.


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