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Product: Shaped Magnets
Quantity: 500
Delievered in: 250 Express Delivery

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Product Description

Advertise your business with a shaped magnet - make them eyecatching with lots of colour or photos.

Car: 41 x 93mm Truck: 50 x 85mm Van: 57 x 84mm

House: 50 x 60mm Telephone: 73 x 88mm

Light Bulb: 55 x 80mm Pestle & Mortar: 55 x 60mm

Heart: 50 x 60mm Foot: 42 x 90mm Shoe: 40 x 70mm

Tooth: 50 x 70mm Apple: 56 x 60mm

Bite Out: 50 x 50mm Capsule: 54 x 90mm

Double Circle: 76 x 100mm

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