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Custom Labels

Product labels were, are and will remain a significant factor for marketing and selling of products because, they give out all the information about a product like its name, price, production date, and manufacturing date, which helps us to have a detailed insight into every little detail of the product.

But why are labels so important?
Valuable instructions and information- Product labels tell the customer what the item is, how to utilize it, how to store it, and the amount it will cost them. Labels appear on the wide assortment of things including food packages, refreshments, and produce. These product labels give significant information, such as nutritional facts, cooking instructions, substance, and cosmetics. This sort of data and the directions ensure that the items can be utilised and devoured safely.
Industry and government compliance- Organisations need to consider all the government guidelines while making your product labels, and if you do not, then there is a possibility that you can be prosecuted. You need to make sure that the details inscribed on your label should not be misleading, which means any of the values included, like where its made, how its made and price etc. should not be wrong and misleading.
Brand image and perceived value- A decent label will impart the organisations solid image and add value. An inadequately structured label won't be appealing to the client. A items product label of correct size, shape, and configuration will improve and reinforce your product image. It will likewise improve the apparent estimation of your item.

At Uthara Print we are making a revolution in label printing because instead of those old, lousy and oddly shaped labels, we have come up with the custom-made square and rectangular shape with round corners, to ensure that your brand and product have a very distinctive image. We print our labels in full colour with digital printing, also the paper we use is water-resistant so technically you don't have to worry about a thing. At Uthara Print we make different kinds of labels to satisfy and fulfill all of your needs:
- Personalised Full Colour Kraft Brown Sticker Label
- Personalised Full Colour Silver Foil Sticker Label
- Personalised Full Colour Clear Sticker Label Printing
- Outdoor Car Decals Bumper Sticker UV Full Colour
- Personalised Full Colour plastic Sticker Label
- Personalised Full Colour Paper Sticker Label

At Uthara Print we have a dedicated team of professionals who will help you to design your product. They will work with you right from conception of the idea and until the idea is executed. Uthara Print is a place where we will guide you through the whole printing process so you don't have to go anywhere else for your printing needs.

We at Uthara Print give importance to every client and treat everyone equally and with the utmost respect which gives us an edge over our competitors.
We have a very coordinated and friendly staff who will guide in your printing and designing process.
As it goes with the online payment process on our website of Uthara Print, It only takes three easy steps to place an order, and we have all the safety net for a very secure payment process.