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Swing Tags

Swing Tags

Swing tags are kind of like your business cards, but the difference is that instead of it giving information about you, swing tags provide information about your product. They are your voice when you can't be available, so the design ought to mirror your brand and the message you might attempt to give.
Numerous retail stores require swing tags on their garments to name them and put other relevant information on them. A good swing tag will depict the sort of lifestyle your brand represents and can have a major impact on the sales of your garments. Swing tags have consistently been a major element with regards to purchasing an item, especially garments in which they are seen as a practical way of demonstrating the cost and size of the garment. As of late, they have now become a crucial agreement in the world of retail. Apparel swing tags are likely one of the most serene and unassuming parts of selling garments, in any case, these little tags of card convey so much concealed significance and information, for the brand itself that no single bit of the article of clothing by, an organization with brilliant advertising behind them would reach the shop floor without a swing tag appended to it. Swing tags can be utilized to impart the characteristics and estimations of a brand and is a key showcasing way, so as to fortify what the organization is all about. So with all that in mind it will be a tremendous botched, showcasing chance for organizations that don't utilize or use them accurately and beneficially. A steady absence of swing tags is essentially a promoting issue, and a huge amount of free publicizing will go down the drain, as it is a less expensive method for advertising your organization, as compared to other promoting tools.

At Uthara Print Australia, we give equal importance and thorough inspection in each of our products, so that we maintain quality, at its best and one such product printed with premium quality at Uthara Print is the Swing Tags, even though when you first look at a swing tag, it doesn't portray as something with much significance but it is still hold quite a value, as it conveys valuable information to your consumers. At Uthara Print Australia, we print swing tags in different sizes, colours, laminations and drill size according to your preferences:
Size -
- 100 x 50mm
- 90 x 54mm
- 50 x 50mm
Colour and Lamination-
- Single Side, Full Colour
- Double Side, Full Colour
3mm/ 4mm/ 5mm

At Uthara Print we have a team of dedicated, creative designers at our state-of-the-art design studio. They can help you get your imagination printed and give your business that distinctive look. They will help in the whole process of printing right from receiving the product and until it is delivered to you.

We at Uthara Print have a very friendly staff who will try to tackle every problem with ease and, will give you information for each product and its printing process.
As it goes with the online payment process in Uthara Print, It only takes three easy steps to place an order, and we have all the safety net for a very secure payment process.

Our standard delivery takes 8 to 9 working days.