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So, I was going through my stuff the other day and was in the process of keeping some of them and throw the remaining, and then suddenly at the corner of my eye, i saw a postcard and started questioning to myself who could have possibly sent it to me, and then I started reading it, turned out it was sent to me from my relatives a while back who were spending their holidays in the skirts of outback Australia, the postcard watermark included an image of them along with my name and address also it included a small note acknowledging me and my family also it had - the best wishes - written by my them, as I was reading the postcard it put a big smile on my face as it was very to close to my heart and I felt really special and thought that postcards were such a great way of acknowledging someone.
But then I started wondering why not people send these postcards out anymore, are they out of fashion? Do people not use them anymore? Turns out this is not the case instead, postcards remain a very important part of the printing industry, and people still use them to send messages and greetings from one part of the world to another, another important factor which makes postcard so famous is them being relatively cheap and easily accessible as compared to other marketing tools.
All these make postcards a powerful tool and gives it the status of an appealing and important tangible part of the printing industry. A Postcard is a great way of saying that you care because unlike those spam e-mails or messages a postcard gives a sense of togetherness and credibility between you and the Postcard receiver. Even though Postcard is not supposed to be a marketing tool still businessmen use them, and the reason being they are hassle-free which works beautifully for them, and some reasons for them being hassle-free are:
- There are no envelopes
- No insertion costs
- No folding
- Just full-colour and ready to go
Thus, we can say that even though not many people prefer to use postcards in this digital era, still Postcards hold the same value, importance and recognition in the traditional marketing world.

Why Uthara Print Australia?
At Uthara Print we like to take the next step in each piece of work we take on, also we give our Postcards a special reference because they are such an important part of our printing industry. Postcards are so small, yet such powerful, they give a vivid introduction to your product or service in an instance, and can very well-work to create an image of your business in the market.
Postcards are ideal for mailing campaigns, here we can leave space for address and postage, or if you want we can handle the mailing and distribution for you. We can help you reach your target audience in a relatively hassle-free manner and if you are considering a mailing campaign, talk to us first, we will be able to help you choose the correct option for you.
Uthara Print produces postcards in standard A5 and A6 sizes onto a high-quality 350 gsm silk board. We normally supply these without special finishes, although if you want them as gloss or matte laminated we can do that too. Our design team can create a design for you too. Just contact us with your brief and requirements and our designers will be able to create a design that will help you gain customers.