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An Envelope works great as a medium between you and your client, which gives it a big role in the printing business. We at Uthara Print believe that sometimes, the way a message is delivered is more important than the message itself because before reading it the person will have to see the medium through which the desired information is sent, therefore if the medium is appealing enough the more people will be excited to look at what is inside it and in that manner an envelope is one of the most alluring parts of the printing industry.
Envelopes tell your audience about who you are, what you are about and what are your beliefs are and also envelope is about integrity, humanity, and personality of the person. Envelopes remind us that it is more than just a flat piece of paper with which two people exchange information it is a humble way of representing your business and its credence. Also In some of the envelopes, there is a window present in front which allows the recipient's address and the name to be viewed and thus saving time and expense for addressing the envelope also.
The printing industry is still booming and envelope is one of its most important aspects, thus this increased the variety of envelopes coming into the market in the form of different colour, fonts, styles, and shades. Nevertheless, it is important for a person to choose the best type of envelope which fits him as well as his business.
A person while choosing his envelope should keep in mind is the quality of the paper, the envelope should be professionally designed and also the ink and font used must be chosen according to business and the message it conveys. Types of envelopes sizes and seals: There many custom sizes available but still there are some standard sizes which should always be taken into consideration while printing your envelope:
C4 - 324mmx229mm
C5 - 229mmx162mm
DLX - 162mmx114mm
DL - 220mmx110mm
Also, there are different types of seals which makes a huge impact on your envelopes and should always be included, some examples are:
1. Gummed: to seal the envelope, moisten adhesive flap and press to seal
2. Self-Seal: simply fold the flap against the back of the envelope and press to seal
3. Peel and Seal: remove the strip to reveal an adhesive and press against the back of the envelope to seal

Why Uthara Print Australia?

At Uthara Print Australia, we print envelopes on a wide choice of papers from 90gsm up to 120gsm, we also print full-color imagery onto the envelopes. This is very suitable as promotional products and also many of our clients, especially legal companies and accountants simply have their logo printed in the corner. They use this as an extension to reinforce their brand image and it also acts as a unique identity for their brand. We have templates available to help you with your artwork. Just contact us and we will be happy to advise you on what works or does not concerning printing your envelopes.
Sometimes we may be required to print an envelope in a non-standard size. This is not unusual as it may be part of an advertising campaign. In this case, contact us directly and we will be happy to guide you through the process.

Our Customer Service:-

We at Uthara Print give importance to every client and treat everyone equally and with the utmost respect which gives us an edge over our competitors. We have a very co-ordinated and friendly staff who will guide in your printing and designing process.

Our Printing And Payment Process:-

At Uthara Print we have the most advanced and top of the line printers which gives high quality, accurate and the most amazing results possible, which in the long run benefits your business as people will see you as a person concerned with quality and will be far more impressed with you. You can take on the whole process of printing through our website which is very user-friendly and safe and helps you complete the payment process online in just three steps in the most secure and inviolable way with full secrecy.

Need Help With Design?

At Uthara Print we have one of the best designing team that one can ask for and if you have a design imagined they can make it a reality and will help you in the whole designing and printing process which gives you a personal essence and feel through the whole possible, which gives us an advantage over competitors due to this personal touch.