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Artwork Guideline

  • Artwork Submission
    - Please submit all artwork as a PDF file only
    - Please outline all fonts to paths
    - Include 3mm bleed
    - Include crop marks
    - Do not include colour bar or page info
    - Registration marks may be required for foiling

    - All fonts must be set at 6pt or larger for best results.
    - For reverse type on a solid fill, the font needs to be 7pt or larger
    - Any thin strokes and terminals found in script and italic fonts all need to be set to 0.25pt or larger
    - Tracking needs to be increased to atleast +5 to allow for the impression made into the paper
    - All text must be converted to curves/paths
    - Any isolated dots must be 0.5pt or larger

    - All hand drawn images need to be converted to line art
    - Scanned images need to be a minimum of 300dpi at 100% in size. The highest resolution up to 600dpi is prefered.
    - All images need to be converted to bitmap mode.

    Solid Fill
    - The use of solid fill (The coverage of ink in your artwork) needs to be considered carefully. Letterpress can't always successfully reproduce large block areas of colour
    - A large ink coverage will limit the amount of impression into the stock. If you are unsure, please send your artwork for review by our team.

    - All colours used in your artwork must be Pantone Uncoated Spot Colours.
    - Letterpress will not recognise CMYK or RGB colours
    - Black Ink should be set as Process Black Uncoated Swatch
    - White ink printing on a black or dark stock is not available as the stock will show through the white ink. If you would like to use a dark stock we suggest a metalic ink or hot foil.
    - Some of the best Letterpress results are printed in one or two colours.

    Bite & Kiss
    - The depression or indentation that happens in the paper's surface during letterpress with a heavy impression is called a bite, a light press is called a kiss.
    - Carefully consider the amount of bite you require in conjunction with the card stock you would like to use. A heavy bite can show through on the reverse side of the stock. If you are unsure, please contact our team for advice.

    Blind Impression
    - A blind impression can be used to create an image without the use of ink.
    - The best result for a blind impression is using a heavy weighted stock and large lettering or image.

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