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NCR Pads

The words NCR stands for NO CARBON REQUIRED and works as a modern-day replacement to those old, traditional and messy carbon papers which we used to make a duplicate. The reason we do not have to get our hands messy anymore in that blue ink, is due to the way a modern-day NCR pads printing work, instead of that carbon-filled low-quality paper, now the first sheet is encapsulated with micro dyes whereas the second sheet is to be coated with clay, same process is followed with every sheet after that. When something is written on the first carbon sheet with a pen, pencil or printed through a printer the pressure thus applied breaks the capsule and spills the dye on the next sheet, but since the capsules are so small that the print obtained in the next sheet is very accurate and precise. A collection such sheet is referred to as NCR Pads.

NCR pads work as an agreement between two parties as it includes the names, signatures, address and other details of transactions between two parties. You can also maintain consistency within your brand by printing personalized NCR pads to match your existing business stationery design thus portray a more professional look. They can also act as a reminder to your past business clients in case they want to do business with you once again as they have all your details through the receipt they received from your NCR pads.

In any organization where there is a need to keep a copy of signatures along with a copy of receipts for future reference, these are the places where an NCR pad has a high level of importance because it can help them keep those duplicates in an organized form which can eventually be very beneficial to the organization. Places like a restaurant, import-export, and general stores. So, in a nutshell, every place where you need to keep a record of transactions occurred, NCR pad is used.

At Uthara Print we print many a set of NCR pads throughout the week, thus making us one of the pioneers in NCR pads printing industry. We print them from a small organization to huge business houses across the country. NCR pads can be printed in either full color or single color. They can be 2-part, 3-part or 4-part. Normally the top sheet is white, second pink, third blue and fourth green, but the choice of colors is yours. We offer sequential numbering, especially important for invoices. And they can even be printed double-sided. NCR pads are normally padded in sets of 50 per pad. All our pads are glued and supplied with a durable backboard plus a writing shield to protect the sheets underneath.
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