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Ticket Wallets

Ticket Wallets

A Ticket wallet is a wallet, which is explicitly intended to accommodate all your documents while traveling, also has extra space to secure your cards and money. It is conventionally larger than a regular wallet, thus has enough space to store all your id's and passports.
A Ticket Wallet allows a person easy access to important documents at the points of departure and take off, a ticket wallet has a lot of sleeves and compartments so that you can keep your documents in a safe and organised manner. Also, once your journey has finished you can keep your currency and cards into it and a ticket wallet can act as a conventional wallet.
A Ticket wallet should just contain those documents that are required during a journey. In contrast to an ordinary wallet, which may contain articles of a wishful or nostalgic nature. Although much travel information is currently stored away now a days into mobiles, it is a reasonable safety measure to have a tangible back-up and regardless of the entry of the digital age, there are still occasions when it is helpful to have a pen and paper.

Ticket wallet to an extent is underrated in the realm of marketing and promoting. However; at Uthara print Australia, we firmly accept this is one of the most powerful methods for advancing your image, for various reasons. Here at Uthara Print Australia, we print four types of Ticket wallets namely,
- Standard ticket wallet
- Zipped ticket wallet
- Envelope ticket wallet
- License wallet
All of them are printed on top quality material in various sizes and by the method of digital printing, also your ticket wallet can have more than one colour like red, yellow, green and pink make It more eccentric-looking.

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