Compliment Slips

Compliment slip printing has been a revolution in the modern world, thus making one the most important print aspects. There were days when after any business was done between two individuals, one always along with payments used to send a personal note in form of a compliment slip which usually stated about what the payment is for and other details like an invoice, this used to create a personal touch and a sense of belonging between the two. What was the last time you got a handwritten letter from someone or someplace? You cannot remember right, Nowadays people are always in some hurry due to which they are losing the personal touch and warmth, which is indirectly affecting their business, people think it is better to sit in the comfort of their home or workplace and send an email regarding any details. You get hundreds of emails in a day, but I am sure you do not even take a look at some of them, the reason being that it is computer generated and along with you, the same was sent to other people so there is no connection between you and the sender which makes you neglect it, but if you receive a handwritten letter with compliments written on it, you have got to stop on your tracks and have to read it once, this is what a compliment slip can do, it can break the awkward barrier between you and your client and can establish an instant bond between you two. This can put you, a step ahead than your competitors because they are still using those digital techniques to bring more clients but you have already surpassed them and have created that connection in between. A compliment slip is just a piece of paper with a company or brand name and address followed by the words (with compliments from) and then followed by your handwritten note. It contains the same name and address as printed on the letterhead of your company. Thus making compliment slip a compact version of your company, even though a compliment slip is very informal it still includes your company letterhead thus making it of utmost importance. It doesn't matter whether you are a new businessman or have been around long everyone has use of compliments slip in their business, a businessman who has just started can send compliment slip along with his companies/brands brochures or leaflets to bring in customers, whereas an experienced businessman can send written compliments along with his quotations or bills here both can try to achieve a better understanding and relationship with their clients so that they can serve them better.